Headcount Management
Get smart about headcount.
Doublefin leverages decades of strategic headcount planning and management experiences into an intuitive cloud platform. Coordinate inputs from people and systems to seamlessly power purpose-built workflows across your entire organization for your next phase of intelligent growth. And cut headcount planning time by over 50%.
Smart, secure, intuitive and in the cloud
Effortless collaboration - always in sync
No more manually stitching together data and workflows. Let Doublefin integrations and automations orchestrate seamless purpose-built workflows across business, finance, and HR teams, powering your organization’s growth while saving you half the effort. All built with the highest standards in security and compliance.
Forecast the future
Get ahead of the game with headcount management. Doublefin’s predictive analytics platform gives you the crystal ball to see the future, so the right people are always ready at the right time for your business. Doublefin’s smart automation helps you operationalize your institutional knowledge and the collective intelligence of the broader community.
Insightful dashboards
Stay on track with your headcount plan with accurate up-to-date data all in one place. Always know your organization’s past, current, and future headcount needs on best-practice dashboards designed by Doublefin’s team of industry veterans or tailored by you. Quickly identify opportunities, see data issues, spot resourcing crunches, and act on them.
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