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Manage your people data, plan for the future, and oversee your budget—in one place.
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Simplify people planning.

Headcount is often 70%+ of a company’s OpEx. Yet, most teams still rely on dated tools and slow processes to manage their headcount and plan for the future.

Today, there is:

→ Constant misalignment between Finance, People and leadership teams.

→ Constant and painful headcount and hiring data reconciliations.

→ Slow and inaccurate forecasting.

The future of People Planning will be real-time, intelligent, and, finally, collaborative.

Why Doublefin?
Intelligent & collaborative workflows
Simplify your people planning and management tasks with built-in collaborative workflows.
A single source of truth
Get a 360-view of your people data, in one place—No more spreadsheets and endless email threads.
Aligned teams through aligned processes
Get on the same page with all the stakeholders involved in headcount planning and management.
Stay aligned. Grow together.
People Ops
Drive alignment across your organization, get all your headcount reporting in one place, plan ahead, and streamline critical tasks.
Talent Acquisition
Be aligned with people managers on who to hire, when to hire, and hiring pipeline status.
See how headcount is doing against plan, get your headcount data from one source of truth, and gain visibility and control on new resource requests.
Managers & Budget Owners
Get one comprehensive view of your team today and see how you’re doing against your plan.
All-in-one collaborative people planning.
Doublefin is collaborative people management and planning for People teams, Finance business partners, and budget owners. Reimagined from the ground up, Doublefin headcount enables organizations to leverage real-time headcount and hiring insights, analytics, and intuitive management workflow to plan their growth intelligently.
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People Planning
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Collaborative Workflows
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People Data & Insights
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People Planning Tool
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Investing in a headcount management tool allows companies to save countless hours and thousands of dollars, every year.
Discover how much time and money it can save your team!
Your team is spending countless hours managing headcount and planning for growth using spreadsheets, email threads, and slack messages.

Here’s how much money and time you could save with Doublefin:
Agile budget and spend management.
Make your budget planning process more collaborative with built-in approval workflows, real-time templated and customized reports, and the flexibility to track any business attributes.
Budget Management
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Budget Planning
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Budget & Spend Analytics
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Key Finance Workflows
Budget Management
A powerful seamless workflow.
Doublefin integrates with the headcount and budget management systems you use every day to display the latest data and provide accurate forecasts.
Brett Willms
Doublefin revolutionized the way we manage our headcount and plan for growth.
The platform syncs with our HRIS and ATS systems to give us a real-time view of our organization. The headcount approval workflows are intuitive and keep out leadership team aligned. Their dashboards are filled with key insights that help us visualize our current organization, track hiring process, and get future visibility - all in one place! I can’t believe we used to do all of this in spreadsheets.
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