Warren Wang

Co-Founder & CEO, Doublefin

Hi, I’m Warren, and here’s my story: Before founding Doublefin, I spent over 10 years at Google, watching it grow from a startup to a huge enterprise. I learned how important finance is for business growth. Still, many companies struggle with old approaches that don’t meet the needs of today’s data-driven teams.

At Doublefin, we’re here to change that. Our goal is to give finance and HR teams tools that deliver the detail, agility, and ease needed for smart decisions. Traditional systems don’t serve other business teams well, leaving them to wrestle with clunky spreadsheets and confusing processes. This gap drove me to build Doublefin. We want to bring finance, HR, recruiting and business teams together to manage their resources efficiently.

When I’m not working, I love training with my daughter for squash tournaments and traveling for competitions. These moments remind me how important precision and strategy are in sports and in business.