About Doublefin
We’re on a mission to bring automated & collaborative resource planning to every business.
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Our story

 Digital transformation is happening fast. But in many organizations, finance is lagging behind, manually performing budget tasks, still making accruals line by line, month over month. And not only that, information is siloed with finance and business teams asking for different things and speaking different languages.

While experiencing this at tech companies, our founders decided it was time for change. Time to bring finance into the digital world, while making it easy for all the teams that work with finance to collaborate and be strategic about resource planning.
And that’s why Doublefin - the only automated & collaborative resource platform - was created.

Wondering about the dolphins? They’re friendly, intelligent and collaborative - just like our platform. And they’re always in sync, which is how we envision finance and business teams working together.

Meet our founders

Warren Wang
Co-Founder and CEO
Tord Svensson
Co-Founder and CTO

Our investors

The all-in-one collaborative people planning platform.
The only automated & collaborative
resource platform.