Budget Management
Make finance friendly.

Finally there’s an easy-to-use cloud solution that connects people, processes and insights to transform the way you manage budget. Remove friction and redundancies with automated and intuitive workflows that make sense to everyone, so teams can make smarter, faster decisions.
Less manual work,
more helpful intelligence.
An integrated platform
Doublefin breaks siloed processes and removes friction and redundancies. It brings important financial information into one space, consolidating budget requests, business plans, POs, actuals, variances, and relevant communications in a user-friendly platform.
Intuitive dashboards
Business and finance teams don’t speak the same language and now they don’t have to. Doublefin takes input from everyone, analyzes, translates and delivers customized, adaptable user experiences and collaborative workflows across your entire organization.
Smart automations
Say goodbye to manual tasks. With connected and automated workflows, we completely transform how business and finance teams manage budgeting processes. Imagine creating a PO in seconds because the information is already provided during the business planning process. With Doublefin, you can.
Plan with precision from a single source of truth.
One tool
Doublefin gives you a single source of budget, PO, actual and forecast with a high level of granularity. And with in-tool communicating, not only does everyone have the same view, they’re also on the same page.
Scalable and flexible
With the ability to look into the past, present and future, Doublefin understands how teams are managing spend so you can take informed actions no matter what size your business is, or is going to be.
Advanced analytics
Grounded in the cloud, real-time feedback and insights provide the visibility you need to make smart budget decisions quickly.
You can instantly spot potential issues and act on them before it’s too late.
And make budget management friendly
for teams, too.
Finance Icon
Easy way to provide direction to guide resource allocation; real-time visibility in spend; make data-driven decisions; trust in the process and confidence in the numbers.
Finance Icon
Efficient communication of financial guidance; automated forecast and accruals; one tool to review financial performance with various business stakeholders; more accountability and rigor.
Business operations Icon
Business operations
Centralized budget communication; no more chasing down numbers; dynamic and flexible to track spend attributes and  performance; easy administration and controls.
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Budget owners
One source of truth; budget and spend clarity; easy business planning; automated PO and actual tracking; closer alignment to finance.
The only automated & collaborative resource platform.
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