Introducing Doublefin, the automated & collaborative resource planning platform for business and finance teams.
Warren Wang
Co-Founder & CEO, Doublefin

Super excited to launch Doublefin with my cofounder Tord Svensson and our team. Doublefin aims to help organizations make optimal resource allocation decisions by automating budget and headcount management processes, driving cross-team collaborations and providing real-time intelligence at the level businesses need.

Every day, we see digital transformation around us from engineering to sales organizations. Businesses are working faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. Innovations have enabled companies to get aligned at all levels and functions in real time. 

Unfortunately, how lines of businesses and finance manage their budget and headcount is still stuck in a repetitive and time-sucking world of manual tasks and spreadsheets with processes all over the place. As a finance professional, I was having automation and data envy seeing innovation dramatically improve ways of doing business with new connected, smart platforms. 

And that’s why we created Doublefin.

Now, when it comes to managing budgets and headcount,  all users save time and work with data from a single source of truth. Doublefin automates purpose-built workflows and delivers actionable data to everyone in the team, in real time, anytime they need it. Doublefin’s transparency and data-driven insights give businesses quick answers to simple but important questions like:

  • How much budget do I have?
  • How much budget is left?
  • Where does the money go?
  • What’s the impact?
  • Where should I invest more or pull back from? 
  • Will I be over budget if I change the hiring plan?
  • How many open positions are yet to be filled in my team?

Most importantly, Doublefin gives team members a chance to be more strategic and focus on what they love to do. It simplifies repetitive and simple-but-time-consuming tasks so teams can focus on insights and drive strategic decisions. If you’re a marketer, you can plan a campaign and create a PO in minutes (and never have dreaded meetings with Finance to explain why you went over budget!). If you’re a finance professional, you won’t have to spend all day explaining what accruals are or chasing down numbers from your business partners. And if you’re in HR, you can get ahead of the game with predictive people analytics.

Our customers range from startups to public companies to global technology household names, with billions of dollars in budget being managed through our platform. And no matter how different our customers are, one thing is the same: Doublefin makes budget and headcount management easier for everyone, so the whole organization can make smarter decisions, faster.

Wondering about the dolphins? They’re friendly, intelligent and collaborative - just like our platform. And they’re always in sync, which is how we envision finance and business teams working together.

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About the Author
Warren Wang
Co-Founder & CEO, Doublefin
Warren Wang is an executive with a proven track record of overseeing significant finance and headcount planning operations at leading companies in different industries. His experience as a Finance Director at Google from 2007 to 2019 made him realize that disparate and manual input systems inhibited effective decision making, which led to the creation of Doublefin.
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