Announcing our partnership with talent acquisition platform ZooKeep
Warren Wang
Co-Founder & CEO, Doublefin

Doublefin's Headcount Management solution is headed to Japan and Asia with Tokyo based HRtech startup ZooKeep. ZooKeep's technology and deep expertise in Talent Acquisition & HR helps organizations turbocharge their Talent Operations.

Here at Doublefin we spend time daily with talent teams that desperately need accurate headcount and people data to stay competitive. Our modern workflows and powerful planning and experimentation features make it easy for our customers to design their organizations thoughtfully.

Immediately after a new role or backfill is approved in Doublefin, effective talent marketing and an optimized recruitment life cycle are crucial to staying on plan and under budget. We've seen ZooKeep's solution help competitive organizations source great candidates with ease, and manage their pipelines with speed and grace.

ZooKeep's CEO Casey Abel had this to say about our new partnership: “We are excited to introduce Doublefin’s solutions to our clients as we have witnessed firsthand the operational and financial impacts of poor headcount management on their operations. By aligning internal stakeholders and creating a single source of truth, organizations can gain a clear picture of their progress against headcount plans and total spend vs. budget. Additionally, this solution enables unified data structures across multiple internal systems, reducing complexity and costs associated with data management.”

You can read the full press release over at ZooKeep:

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Warren Wang
Co-Founder & CEO, Doublefin
Warren Wang is an executive with a proven track record of overseeing significant finance and headcount planning operations at leading companies in different industries. His experience as a Finance Director at Google from 2007 to 2019 made him realize that disparate and manual input systems inhibited effective decision making, which led to the creation of Doublefin.
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